Sep 1, 2009

Atlanta Falcons

As I assume most people know, the NFL approved a deal to allow its teams to participate in state lotteries a few months ago.  The newest team to take them up on the offer?  The Atlanta Falcons.  From the AJC,

The Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Lottery are teaming up on a new scratch-off ticket that will debut after Labor Day.

The ticket will cost $5 and will be available starting Tuesday, Sept. 8, officials said. Players can win up to $500,000. Other prizes include season-ticket packages and a trip to a Falcons’ away game on the team plane.

“While we’ve had a sports sponsorship with the Falcons in the past, this is the first time we’ve offered a game with their name on it,” said Lottery spokesman J.B. Landroche. “We’ve never done this before with the NFL.”

Georgia Lottery paid a licensing fee to the Falcons.

While it is being introduced at the beginning of the season, there is no expiration date, Landroche said.

Falcons’ and Lottery officials are holding a news conference Thursday to discuss more details.

Seems pretty standard compared to the other NFL lottery deals, although I do like this twist: “Other prizes include season-ticket packages and a trip to a Falcons’ away game on the team plane.” This is the first deal, that I’ve read about at least, that ties the NFL team and the fan together through the lottery, other than the obvious branding on the lottery ticket itself.

If the whole purpose of these lottery deals is to generate additional revenue for NFL teams, I wonder if we’ll see NFL teams getting back-end licensing deals, where they’ll get some sort of incentive based on the number of tickets they’re able to sell?  If so, it seems like we could see a lot of season ticket packages” being offered as prizes in the future.

A contest + lottery + NFL teams = good revenue.

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