Apr 20, 2010

Oh, Upper Deck, what are we to do with you…

[format] So, what’s the latest event in the tragedy that has now become Upper Deck? [/format]

They aren’t paying the players they deal with.


Major League Baseball’s players union told agents in an e-mail message on Friday that the trading card company Upper Deck was experiencing financial difficulty and had not paid a large number of players money it owed them.

The union said it was working with Upper Deck to ensure that the players would be paid. The union strongly advised players not to return to Upper Deck any autographs they had signed for the company or to enter into any new agreements with the company until the payments were made. (via New York Times)


[format] Wow.  So UD isn’t even paying the players for their autographs?  Almost makes you think that the NHL got wind of UD’s treatment of MLB players and that’s why they signed the licensing deal with Panini, taking away UD’s hockey exclusivity. [/format]

Upper Deck is probably wishing they didn’t have to earmark a substantial sum of money to be paid to MLB for UD’s illegal distribution of unlicensed baseball cards right about now.  Or maybe that other lawsuit regarding the distribution and sale of counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

[format] …in retrospect, they probably could have found some good uses for that money…like paying players who sign their products. [/format]

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