Jun 1, 2010


LeBron James. Dwight Howard. Kobe Bryant.  What do they all have in common?

They won’t be appearing as the cover athlete on 2KSports NBA 2k11 basketball game.

That honor apparently belongs to Michael Jordan.  Yes, that Michael Jordan.  Lets make some history, shall we?

…multiple sources have told ESPN that the company has gone in a completely different direction, signing basketball legend Michael Jordan as its new spokesman.

This will be the first time that a former player will appear on the front of the box for 2K, and with Jordan taking over majority ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats, it will also be the first time that a team owner will endorse the popular franchise.

In addition to acting as cover model for “NBA 2K11,” the speculation is that Jordan will also be digitized into a playable character. This means gamers will become the virtual MJ in hopes of reliving some of his trademark moments. (via ESPN)

Apparently, the brand that is Michael Jordan is still strong enough to push video game sales, at least according to 2K Sports.  So strong in fact, that not only did 2K Sports choose Jordan over the superstars of today, they also decided to add some other players from the Jordan era,

There’s more. I’ve even heard whispers that 2K has been in negotiations with several players (both teammates and opponents) from the Jordan era to appear in “2K11” to help gamers and history buffs accurately recreate the heated competition between the classic Bulls and rivals like the Celtics, Knicks and Cavaliers. But since 2K needs to ink all former players to individual contracts, it’s still up in the air whom the company will be able to sign in time to appear in the game.

If I remember correctly, before it was all said and done, Michael Jordan wasn’t even appearing in the annual basketball games, because developers weren’t willing to shell out the cash for the license to use his image and likeness (ala Barry Bonds in baseball games).  Now, all of these years later, not only do we get MJ in a video game…but on a cover?

Will wonders never cease…

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