Jun 14, 2011

Brett Favre is making news, even after retiring, and with the NFL in a prolonged lockout.

Favre has spent the last year working with Top Five Laboratories creating a energy-boosting product called XRP Energy.

XRP Energy is a specially formulated extended release energy product in an attractive 1.9-gram-per-serving size stick pack. It is expressly designed to boost cellular energy and to restore mental alertness when fatigued. Pour the powder directly into your mouth (think “Pixie Stick”) and due to the patented “smooth dissolve technology” and proprietary “extended release technology”, the effect can be felt in minutes, with up to six or seven hours of sustained energy-enhancing performance without the ‘crash’ often associated with other energy product consumption. Each stick pack serving includes the nutrients choline, taurine, and vitamins B6 and B12 and has only four calories. It is exceptionally travel-friendly, easy to open and tamper evident. The smooth-dissolving powdered formula is available in a great grape/cranberry flavor and requires no messy mixing of water or other fluids, thereby totally eliminating portion control concerns.

After initial success in select convenience stores in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, XRP is going national. That’s right, for everyone who can’t get enough of Brett Favre, you may soon see him in a convenience store near you!

“We are very encouraged by the initial market response that has been generated by XRP Energy in our test sites, and we can now confirm that the uniqueness of the product, its great taste and proven performance has broad consumer appeal,” saidBuddy King, President of Top Five Laboratories. “The key for breaking into this highly contested market niche is having a truly distinctive product that performs. Utilizing pharmaceutical technology used in the prescription drug market gives us the distinction and edge needed to succeed. Based on our five-state market study, we’re confident to conclude we have both, coupled with the necessary horsepower and resources required to launch and market this product on a widespread national basis.”

Favre himself, on the product,

“Personally, I love the benefits of XRP Energy and how it truly delivers energy for the day,” said former NFL Quarterback and XRP Spokesperson Brett Favre. “I’m not one to easily endorse products, but this one got my attention because of its fabulous taste and outstanding performance. I experience no jitteriness that is often characteristic of other energy products, only a terrific initial boost followed by a continued feeling of focus and alertness. I am proud to be actively engaged with this product and I genuinely recommend it to my own circle of friends, athletes and family, for good reason. It works!”

According to Top Five Labs, XRP Energy has been proven safe to use in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. More details on the product can be found on the Top Five Labs website.

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