May 9, 2012

CBS Sports is making moves to become the leading network in football coverage.  Already holding rights to the 2013 Super Bowl, they are pushing advertising spots for next seasons SEC football games.  By using the Super Bowl as leverage they are quickly out competing their adversaries ESPN and Fox.

With the increase in popularity the SEC conference has acquired over the last two seasons, CBS has been able to raise their ad rates.  This comes as no surprise after the championship game last year was between Alabama and LSU, two top seeded SEC Conference teams. They plan to be just as if not more competitive this year with Arkansas and Georgia leading the way. Currently eight of the top thirteen most popular teams reside within the SEC Conference, according to attendance numbers by Sports Business Daily.

It has also been rumored that CBS and the SEC are looking to renegotiate their TV rights agreement.  It’s predicted the new agreement could be worth $5 Billion over a 15 year term.

Backing by one of College football’s most popular conference and hosting this season’s Super Bowl, CBS Sports network has slingshot past the competition and shows no signs of slowing.


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