May 2, 2012

Kate Upton. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model. Eye-Candy for Skull Candy headphones. Master of the Cat Daddy.  And the owner of the hearts and minds of nearly every man on the planet.

Oh, did I mention she’s on a trading card as well?

In a move that will reduce many sports bloggers to 11 year old kids trading snacks during lunch time, Kate Upton has been chosen as one of the non-sports inclusions in Topps’ 7th edition of Allen & Ginter’s World Champions baseball card set.  The 350-card base set, which will arrive in July, will feature a myriad of baseball stars from today and yesterday, special ‘mini’ insert cards, and framed ‘Relic’ cards of MLB legends.  Also included, are autographed cards of famous baseball players (Stan Musial, Albert Pujols, Willie Mays) and numerous non-baseball celebs including Upton along with other notable celebrities including Bobby Knight,  Erin Andrews and Arnold Palmer.  Each eight-card pack will contain an insert card of some kind which will give collectors the chance to receive an autographed card or one of the aforementioned Relic or Mini cards.

Also included in the sets are “Lepidoptery” cards — a redemption card which is sent in and redeemed for a card with a dead butterfly mounted inside of it.

So, to recap. Kate Upton. Dead Butterflies. And Stan Musial Autographs. Check.

Topps Allen & Ginter’s World Champions will be released the week of July 11th.  Hobby boxes will include 24 packs of 8 eight cards a piece, and will retail for $5 a pack.


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