May 3, 2012

The Mountain West Conference will make an announcement to add San Jose State and Utah State to its ranks for the 2013-14 season, on Friday, according to ESPN sources.

The schools will replace departing San Diego State and Boise State.  Both schools are leaving for the Big East in football next season —  SDSU and Boise State will join the Big West and the WAC, respectively, in all other sports.

The MWC will now  feature 10 teams for football season — UNLV, New Mexico, Nevada, Fresno State, Wyoming, Colorado State, Air Force, Utah State, San Jose State, and Hawaii. — and nine teams for basketball (Hawaii is football-only).

With SJSU and Utah St. leaving the WAC, the conference is all but disintegrated.  The conference would only have two football playing schools — Idaho and New Mexico State — and five teams in non-football sports — Idaho, New Mexico State, Denver, Seattle, and the aforementioned Boise State, which is rumored to be already trying to get out of the move to the WAC.

In a rather interesting development, WAC interim commissioner Jeff Hurd, speaking with knowledge of the likelihood of a SJSU/Utah State move, said that the conference is evaluating membership options, and that the WAC would maintain its history as a “pre-eminent Division I Conference.”

While anything is possible in the topsy-turvy world of Division I realignment, one has to wonder if Hurd’s words were anything more than lip service.



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