Aug 14, 2012

It’s a new twist on an old favorite.

The New England Patriots will unveil a new $2 scratch off lottery ticket, in conjunction with the start with the start of the new NFL season.

The new scratch off game — sponsored by the Massachusetts State Lottery — will offer players the chance to win nearly $20 million in instant cash prizes, including $50,000 a piece for 15 lucky participants.

$20 million in prizes for the players…Not a bad deal. As for the Patriots? The deal is even better,

Under an agreement with the Massachusetts State Lottery, the Pats get $1.65 million for the new ticket. The two previous games scored well for the team. The $5 ticket, released in 2009, is 92 percent sold out and is projected to be gone before the end of this season and netted the team $2.5 million in fees from the Lottery. The $2 ticket released in 2011 ended earlier this month after just 11 months in stores and earned the team another $2.5 million. (via Boston Biz Journal)

The Patriots and the Massachusetts state lottery will unveil their new $2 tickets on September 4th.


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