Feb 15, 2013

XFINITY just gets it.

XFINITYSports is once again running a contest that is looking for the ‘next social media star’. The voting-based contest will once again give its winner the chance to go behind-the-scenes at numerous sporting events including the NFL Draft, MLB All-Star Game and MLB’s Opening Day. The winner will also be in control of the XFINITYSports twitter account (@xfinitysports) which boasts nearly 15,000 followers.

Did I mention that the winner also scores a $40,000 contract to provide said behind-the-scenes coverage? Yeah. Interested in becoming the next social media star? Entries will be accepted until February 18th. And in case the above description wasn’t enough, XFINITY describes the job as such,

Do you keep up with the latest trends in technology? Then you could be the voice of @XFINITYSports. If you win, you’ll get paid to do a job most people would do for free. You’ll go to the biggest sporting events nationwide, get behind-the-scenes and chat with sports personalities. You’ll share your thoughts with thousands of followers as the official voice of XFINITY — Your Home for the Most Live Sports. XFINITY will also include travel, electronics and services you’ll need throughout the 12-month term.

Looking for even more information, head over to the XFINITY Facebook page to check out the official rules and submit your entry.

Best of luck.




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