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Barclays Center Sees Fan Reaction to Limited Soda Size


The New New York City rule regarding the banning of 24 and 32 oz. sodas was finally enforced at Barclays center for a series of concerts. The arena served the largest size permitted under this new rule as an effort to cause obesity problems to Read More

NHL Lockout Could Lead to Cancellation of Winter Classic

2013 Winter Classic

The NFL has their Thanksgiving games. The NBA has its Christmas Day games. The NHL has the Winter Classic–oh wait, never mind. The NHL’s polarizing and unpopular money grab(lockout) has continued to have disastrous effects once again warranting a closer questioning and analysis of the Read More

Ice Cube Performs at Raiders Opener

New Amsterdam -- Oakland Raiders

Famous rapper Ice Cube performed his new Raiders anthem “Come and Get Some” as the Raiders opened the season with a home loss to the Chargers. The self-proclaimed President of Raider Nation recorded and performed this as part of a Pepsi NFL anthem project.  ESPN Read More

Why the Big East Will Survive(Though on life Support)

Big East Logo

Seconds ticked off the clock as fans cheered and chanted at the top of their lungs. Faces are stretched with enthusiasm, eyes bulging with excitement, and bodies drenched with sweat of anxiety. This is the scene of one of the greatest college sports rivalries, the Read More

Why Penn State’s Ban of “Sweet Caroline” is Good for the Program

PSU Logo

Penn State’s recent ban of Neil Diamond’s famed song “Sweet Caroline” reflects on the delicate nature of the current state of public relations between organizations and the media. Following the galvanizing controversy regarding Jerry Sandusky and the sex abuse trial, Penn State cannot risk even Read More

Lance Armstrong’s Legacy Still Intact Despite Doping

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is the star that lost its luster. The star that’s shine dimmed. The star stripped of all seven glorious Tour de France titles. Lance Armstrong, however, is still a star. He is still the star who miraculously found strength where many saw death, Read More