Eddie Hearn Tipped by Bookmaker to Beat UFC President Dana White in Boxing Match

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Eddie Hearn Tipped by Bookmaker to Beat UFC President Dana White in Boxing Match

UFC president Dana White and Matchroom Sport promoter Eddie Hearn are used to watching fights from ringside, but bookmakers have opened odds on a potential matchup between the two.

Neither martial arts mogul boasts any experience fighting at a professional standard, but a press release from sportsbook Bovada installed Hearn as a slim -130 (1.77) favorite to get the better of his American counterpart.

The two men are vocal in the media and unafraid to speak their mind, and Hearn, 40, recently suggested in an Instagram Live video (via TalkSport) that he would be open to a cross-promotion event that would see mixed martial artists face boxers inside a ring-slash-cage:

“I thought maybe me and Dana could put this night together. Where you’ve got a ring that also transforms into a cage between match-ups.

“So you’ve got crossover fights, but you’ve got MMA fighter vs a boxer in the ring. Then you’ve got a boxer fighting an MMA fighter in the cage.”

White—10 years Hearn’s senior—once taught boxercise classes in Boston, Massachusetts, before he moved to Las Vegas and had a prominent role in the creation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

His more advanced years is likely to be a major factor in why he’s the -110 (1.91) underdog for a potential matchup, though he looks as though he’d have a sizeable weight advantage over the heir to the Matchroom empire.

In any case, a fight between the pair is nigh impossible to imagine materialising for a number of reasons. First and foremost, both White and Hearn have amassed fortunes organising fights without getting involved themselves. One imagines there would need to be serious personal venom between the two for a clash to happen, though they appear to get along well (on the surface, at least).

Relationships can quickly turn south in the boxing world, however, and one guarantee for a bout between White and Hearn is it would attract worldwide attention and be a major money-spinner.

Eddie Hearn vs. Dana White Odds

Eddie Hearn: -130 (1.77)

Dana White: -110 (1.91)

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