Entertainment Betting A Popular Reality

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Beyond sports betting, one of the more popular forms of event wagering is entertainment betting. These types of wagers take on several forms.

Annual awards shows like the Oscars, Emmys and Grammys draw large wagering pools. Betting on the best picture, the top drama or the single of the year can be worth a big payday, especially if a longshot comes in. And since the outcomes are often less predictable than a sporting event, longshots do come in more frequently.

The advent of reality television programming offered another way to place bets on the entertainment world. Wagering on the winner of shows like Big Brother and Survivor can also prove a lucrative proposal. Getting a bet down early before the odds shorten will often return a healthy price.

William Hill is currently offering a prop wager on which actor will be the next James Bond when Daniel Craig decides to bring a halt to his 007 duties. James Norton is the +250 favorite, but you can get +1200 odds on Idris Elba, often rumored as the most likely next Bond.

There are some other intriguing possibilities. You can get +5000 on Benedict Cumberbatch, +6600 on Ewan McGregor, +25000 on Hugh Jackman and +100000 on both Jude Law and Colin Firth. And if you think the producers might follow Dr. Who’s lead and go with a female lead, why not take a chance on Emily Blunt at +50000?

Last summer, the incredible run of James Holzhauer on the quiz show Jeopardy sparked a betting frenzy on how many times would Holzhauer would break the Jeopardy single-show earnings record, and whether he would surpass the all-time earnings and win streak marks held by Ken Jennings?

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