XFL Embracing Betting Aspect Of Pro Football

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The NFL has always maintained a quiet, arms-length affair with sports betting. The XFL isn’t taking part in any such nuanced approach to the long standing marriage between the gridiron and the sports gambler.

The newly-launched spring football league is openly discussing the betting aspect of their games. During a recent New York Guardians-DC Defenders game, play-by-play broadcaster Steve Levy and analysts Tom Luginbill and Greg McElroy debated whether the Defenders would try to score on a late-game drive and the impact such a score that was meaningless to the outcome of the game (DC won 27-0) would make on total wagers that were placed on the contest.

Point spread on games are being shown on screen during telecasts. The XFL even consulted with leading sportsbooks prior to launch in order to gain suggestions from the sports betting industry of ways to make their game more conducive to sports bettors.

You’ll even find XFL Betting Central on the league’s official website, complete with betting tips, trends and advice on the league, as well as locations of U.S. sportsbooks where fans can wager on XFL games.

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