Zensports peer-to-peer sports betting app review

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Zensports Review

The newest entry into the growing peer-to-peer sports betting option is ZenSports.com. It’s billed as a marketplace where anyone can create and accept sports bets with anyone else in the world, without the need for a centralized bookmaker.

In essence, the ZenSports.com site enables bettors to become bookmakers absent the need to acquire a gaming license. And their longe-range plans include becoming a licensed betting operation in the United States.

How It Works

With ZenSports.com, you design the wager. You set the odds. And then you put it out there and await for someone to accept those odds and take the opposing side of the bet. 

With their vast array of customers around the world, the likelihood of there being action on any reasonable customized wager that’s proposed is extremely high. 

Once a bet is accepted, the wager is on. It is the responsibility of the creator of the bet to ultimately post the outcome of the wager. If there is a dispute between bettors over the result of a wager, ZenSports.com is a true democracy. Both sides of the argument are presented and then the ZenSports.com marketplace votes to decide who is the winner.

Makers of a bet pay a 1% betting fee. Takers of a bet pay a 2.5% betting fee.

Account Funding

ZenSports.com offers payment options in both fiat (regular currency) and cryptocurrency. Customers can deposit funds instantly to their account. There are no imposed wait times for the funds to clear, nor are there deposit fees. 

Customers can deposit to their accounts via fiat currency, credit card, or ACH transfer. The site also offers reduced betting fees in comparison to traditional bookmaking operations.

ZenSports.com Tokens

One of the unique features of the site is what they call Sports Tokens. It’s their own version of cryptocurrency, created exclusively for use on the ZenSports.com site. 

By investing in Sports Tokens, ZenSports.com users save an additional 2% on betting fees.

ZenSports.com Bonuses And Promotional Offers

Customers who opt for the Sports Tokens receive other benefits, including perks from the ZenSports app loyalty program. As well, all betting fees collected are returned to token holders in monthly dividend payments.

Bettors can earn up to 2% of their betting volume back from ZenSports. Bonus payments are also made to customers who make infrequent withdrawals. Sports Tokens users are also eligible for special contests and promotions that create additional bonus opportunities. No bonus/promo code is required. 

Helping to grow the ZenSports.com customer base is also rewarded. Players will receive a bonus is the form of 1% of all betting volume from new customers they refer to ZenSports.com. The offer is good for the first six months of that new customer’s play at the site. And there’s no limit to the number of new players a customer can refer to ZenSports.com to earn this bonus.

ZenSports App

Another unique feature of ZenSports.com is that it is 100% mobile. There is no such thing as a ZenSports.com website. All of the action takes place via their mobile app.

The app is downloadable from the Apple store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android-powered devices.

Is Zen Sports.com Legal In The USA?

Not yet but accessing the burgeoning US market is a high priority on the ZenSports.com to do list.

ZenSports currently holds a license in Curacao. The company is in the process of obtaining an Isle of Man license to permit it to operate in the United Kingdom. 

They are also currently pursuing licenses in Australia and across Africa.

A year ago, ZenSports.com signed a partnership deal in the USA with Baldini’s Casino and Sportsbook in Sparks, Nevada to help with the process of gaining certification and licensing in the USA.