Nov 28, 2007

You know, its pretty strange that the NFL’s all-time leading rusher has actually become more popular after his playing career has ended, isn’t it?

Two years ago, Emmitt Smith was named the champion of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, endearing himself to millions of people who weren’t football fans, and on his own omission, becoming more popular after his playing career than during his career.  Since the show ended, Emmitt Smith has been involved in Arthur Murray dance studio commercials (with his wife, Pat) and has landed a job on ESPN as an analyst (granted, Dancing With The Stars had nothing to do with this job).  And last week, Emmitt and his wife signed a worldwide representation deal with IMG.  From their press release,

IMG, the world’s premier sports, entertainment and media company, today announced that Emmitt and Pat Smith have signed with IMG.  The husband and wife duo will be represented by IMG both individually and as a pair, on a worldwide basis across all major platforms, including: broadcasting, speaking, licensing, marketing and branding.  Initiatives will include national, regional and local endeavors.

So, what does IMG have in store for Emmitt and Pat? Who knows? The fact that they got the deal though, seems to imply that they have bright(er) futures ahead of them.

Look for him in commercials soon. So what of the new king of the dancehall, Helio Castroneves?  The only endorsement opportunities I’ve been able to find for Helio is this link at All American Speakers.  But I certainly look for his endorsements to increase, now that he is obviously insanely popular.  So, all of you agents out there with a client who has “fallen by the wayside a bit” might want to get him or her to brush up on their paso doble.

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