Mar 8, 2008

Apparently, its very good to be the #1 ranked high school athlete in the country.

Jeannette senior Terrelle Pryor is probably the youngest nationally recognized athlete…to have his own action figure. From my hometown paper, the Tribune Review,

A North Hills man came up with the idea to carve out a Pryor figurine. Kevin Main, who recently moved here from Cincinnati and heard about Pryor through some co-workers at Mellon Bank, makes the figures as a hobby.

“I started hearing about this Terrelle Pryor kid, so I Googled him and read about all the hype surrounding his football career,” said Main, 31, a sports enthusiast and autograph collector. “I thought it would be cool to make him. I looked at a few photos and decided I would make a couple figures.”

Terrelle Pryor…and Terrelle Pryor (via Tribune Review/Eric Schmadel)Being from the area, and seeing highlights of Mr. Pryor on the news, I do have to say, he is good. Very good. Good enough to have his own action figure? Sure, why not. If somebody took the time to make a Kendrell Bell action figure (i loved Bell when he played for the Steelers…but seriously!), why not give one to Pryor? Of course, there is probably some concern that this action figure might blow Pryor’s ego up to astronomical proportions, but honestly, if the national recognition, the coverage on sports center, and everybody telling you “how good you are” since the age of 10 didn’t do it, I doubt a six inch action figure is going to do the trick.

For those wondering, Mr. Main is not making any money off of the Pryor action figure (he’s only made two of them anyway), he’s just a guy who enjoys making action figures in his spare time. After looking around on the internet, the next one that he should work on, is definitely this one.

Mike Vick

Tribune Review: Jeannette’s Pryor a popular figure

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