Jul 16, 2008

Come on Brett…seriously.

You know what? check that. Let me add this disclaimer. I like Brett Favre. A lot actually. He is a legendary QB, who has earned the respect of everyone he’s played against.

That being said…he’s being a little more than difficult.

In today’s interview with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren, Favre was quoted as saying that he’s only guilty of retiring too early. From ESPN,

“I am guilty of retiring early and there is a reason for that,” Favre said, according to an excerpt provided to The Associated Press before the Monday night broadcast. “And the major issue is ‘Why did he retire?,’ and ‘He asked for a release because he doesn’t want to play in Green Bay.’ That’s not true. And I hope people are hearing this and saying ‘OK, that clears it up.’ “

Retiring too early…That’d actually be believable if the Packers and sports fans everywhere didn’t go through the same thing every year. You know what else makes the whole “they forced me out” story so hard to believe? Favre already knew, in 2006, that the Packers couldn’t wait around for him to make a decision regarding his future,

In the interview at his home in Mississippi, Favre told Mortensen he would like more time to decide whether to return for another NFL season. But he understands the Packers need to know soon to properly prepare for the NFL draft and other offseason personnel matters.

“I’d like to wait till training camp,” Favre said with a laugh. “But I know I have to make the decision in the next month for their sake.”

Favre said he’s told Packers general manager Ted Thompson recently that if the team doesn’t want to wait for him to commit to either playing the 2006 season or retiring, then he should be “cut loose.”

So, to recap, the 2006 version of Brett Favre knew he had to make quick decisions regarding his future so as not to screw the Packers. The 2008 version feels he was pressured to make a decision and was forced into retirement. Maybe Favre is losing his memory in his old age?

This whole situation has really created a no-win situation for the Packers management, who couldn’t wait around on Favre…like they have for the last 2 years, and who will now be despised by some Packers fans for not bringing Favre back to Green Bay. I’ve failed to even mention the team itself, which will probably consist of players that are backing Favre, and those that see his his “diva-ish” attitude as completely unwarranted and unwanted.

Could Brett Favre honestly not see this situation when he retired in March? That he may want to come back, that the Packers may not want him to come back, and that the fans he has played for for the last 16 seasons might go “60’s Sit-In” if the Packers didn’t want to bring him back?

And finally…I know that Favre has played for forever, I know he’s the heart and soul of Green Bay…but why in the world would the Packers grant him an unconditional release?  Who, with any sort of business sense, would release a hall of fame QB who still has 3 years left on his contract…and is more than likely going to a division rival?  Does that make sense to anyone not named Brett Favre?

In the end, it really comes down to disrespecting the Packers and their management.  He already knew that they had a decision to make and couldn’t wait around for Favre to make up his mind…so he chose to retire, but then changed his mind after already knowing the Packers had no choice but to move on without him (i.e. the Draft).  Then, because he’s Brett Favre, I guess, he feels that he’s owed an unconditional release, taking the time to create a divide between the Packers and some of their fans in the process.  All because it takes him too long (every year) to decide whether or not he wants to play football.

Favre is known for his gunslinger mentality on the field; throwing the ball with reckless abandon into tight spots, and usually having no regrets about his decisions later.

When dealing with his career?  Looks like he only got the first half right.

So…can anyone figure out how this adds to the Madden Curse Legacy?

ESPN: Favre to Fox News: Packers should let me play elsewhere

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