Dec 1, 2009

Big East

I doubt there are few people that have not heard of the secondary ticket market giant, Stub Hub; they’ve done a great job of marketing over the past few years.  In fact, I am saying “Stub Hub!” in the sing-songy voice the guy in the commercial uses, as I write this post.

That all being said Stub Hub made a major move in the ticket market on Monday, picking up the Big East as a client,

StubHub announced today that it has signed a multi-year deal with the BIG EAST Conference to become the Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace for the conference’s men’s basketball tournament. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The move is a potential marketing boon to both StubHub and the conference, but especially for StubHub because the Big East championship is the only college conference tournament to have all of its games nationally televised, and StubHub will now be highlighted in BIG EAST TV ads.

In addition to the TV ads, StubHub will also be featured on “signage at every BIG EAST Championship game, radio spots, signage outside of Madison Square Garden [home of the BIG EAST championship], complete BIG EAST Web site integration and inclusion in the Official Fan Guide,” according to the company. (via Ticket News)

Wow, did I read this right?  Did Stub Hub really just sign what appears to be a pretty impressive deal in the midst of a slumping economy which has seen the primary ticket market take extreme hits (let alone an even harder hit secondary ticket market)?

Maybe it shouldn’t be too surprising that Stub Hub got the Big East deal considering the fact that they are the second largest ticket provider overall (even as a secondary market ticket provider) but still…any deals that we see nowadays have to at least give hope that we’re turning a corner, economically, right?

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