Jun 29, 2010

It’s a Steven Strasburg love-fest!

Washington National fans love Strasburg. ESPN loves Strasburg. MLB Network loves Strasburg. Bob Costas loves Strasburg…a lot.

Baseball card fans apparently love Strasburg too.  In particular, they love the 2010 Bowman SuperFractor card…which is setting sales records left and right.

The card sold for $25,000 after 75 bids on eBay Monday evening as Robert J. Power, opted to sell the card in the wake of the publicity that the since-removed 1/1 Red autograph generated on the auction block. (The Red autograph, the only card that can presently top the SuperFractor in significance, neared $1 million in bad bids before it the auction was ended this past weekend.)

Power’s auction ended Monday, topping the previous mark of $16,304 he paid for the card before Strasburg made his MLB debut earlier this month. The new sale sets a record for a SuperFractor. (via Beckett Blog)

Yes, you read that right. Robert Power bought the card for $16,304 before Strasburg’s mid-June debut, and now, just four starts later, he’s made a $9,000 profit on the resale.

The trading card market is one strange animal.  When the market isn’t being flooded with insert sets, or seeing companies breach contracts for exclusivity, you’re dealing with severely over-inflated cards prices.

Not that Strasburg isn’t a great player (so far), and not that he won’t have a great career…But, if you gave me $25,000 I could come back with a bag full of memorabilia signed by hall-of-fame players…and yet people are paying that much for one card of a pitcher that has pitched in four MLB games?


image via Beckett Blog

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