May 11, 2012

Coca- Cola gains another top NASCAR driver. Danica Patrick announced today that she has signed a multi-year endorsement contract with Coca-Cola.

Danica will begin supporting Coke Zero at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Daytona International Speedway with the logo on her Chevrolet and on her fire suit.  She will also promote the movie “Battleship” which Coke Zero is endorsing at this time.

“Joining the Coca-Cola Racing Family is one of the really cool things that’s happened so far in my career,” Patrick said. “I’m a Coke Zero drinker and fan, so with this partnership, I really get to have it all. I’m really excited about working with Coke Zero for a lot of reasons, but the idea of having my image at retail stores next to guys like Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman and the rest of the Coca-Cola Racing Family is amazing.”(via press release)

Sharon Byers, Coca-Cola’s senior vice president for sports and entertainment, seemed very excited to have Patrick on board when she spoke with USA Today.

“She’s an extremely appealing figure for Coke Zero because she basically represents everything the brand does.  It’s one of our biggest growing brands. Her appeal to young adult men is the exact consumer base that we want to connect.”

Sharon went on to state “She’s just a very interesting person. She’s a fierce competitor. She’s into pop culture. She loves the blend of sports and entertainment. All of that is very attractive to us when we look at personalities that will represent one of our brands.”

Danica may have a pretty face and appeal to the masses, however she will need to start performing better on the track in order to keep her new endorsement deal.




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