May 11, 2012

Michael Jordan isn’t really a doctor…he just plays one on TV…commercials.

His Airness found some time away from being the owner of the worst team in NBA history to film a playful commercial for Presbyterian Healthcare — a collective of 13 hospitals in the Carolinas and Virginia area.

Presbyterian, and their parent company Norvant, extended their sponsorship deal with the Bobcats back in March. A stipulation of the 10 year renewal included an endorsement deal with Jordan. This commercial is the first activation of Jordan’s endorsement. Presbyterian Healthcare has already released a behind the scenes look at the commercial, with the full commercial airing on television soon,

Charlotte ad agency Luquire George Andrews created the campaign which is a part of the Bobcats Level 23 program. Under the program, the Bobcats charge a premium to a sponsor for a sponsorship deal, with Jordan’s endorsement tie in being the incentive to pay the premium. The Bobcats deal with Novant/Presbyterian Healthcare is the first such Level 23 initiative.

For a team that would, and should struggle mightily with retaining sponsors and obtaining new streams of revenue, the Level 23 program sounds like a great idea. Jordan is the ultimate pitchman, and has been for years, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to sell companies on sponsorship with the Bobcats, or paying a premium to receive Jordan’s endorsement. That being said, Jordan has kept his personal endorsement life and his role as an owner completely separate. The fact that he’s decided to now use his celebrity to attract Bobcats sponsors may be telling of the Bobcat’s financial situation.

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