Jun 27, 2012

Thumbs up to college football.

We will officially have a four-team playoff in college football starting in 2014, thanks to a formal approval from a presidential oversight committee this evening.  The four teams, as expected, will be chosen by a selection committee, with semi-final games being held at current bowl sites and the national championship game being given to the site with the highest bid.

See? And you were worried that college football wouldn’t find a way to make boat loads of money off of a playoff…wrong again.

“A four-team playoff doesn’t go too far; it goes just the right amount,” said Virginia Tech president Charles Sterger, chair of the presidential oversight committee. “We are very pleased with this arrangement even though some issues & remain to be finalized.” (via ESPN)

The presidential oversight committee also approved a rotating schedule for the semi-final games among the bowl sites and a rotation of the championship game among other neutral sites.  Better yet, almost in an homage to the “way it used to be” the semi-finals will be held on New Years Eve or New Years Day, with the championship game being held the first Monday in January (that is at least six days after the final semi-final game).

Under the new playoff format, three “contract bowls” — the Rose Bowl (Big 10/Pac 12), Champions Bowl (Big 12/SEC) and a bowl for the ACC will exist.  Three other bowls — “access bowls” will exist as well, and will more than likely include the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl.  The championship game itself will be managed by the conferences, and will not be considered a bowl game.

Although certain details still need to be settled (i.e. the split of revenue), the fact that a playoff is at least in place is great news for college football fans everywhere.  The only question left to ask is…

When do we switch from four teams to eight?




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