Jul 24, 2012

What can’t 50 Cent do?

The multi-platinum rapper, actor, video game character, and former Vitamin Water owner has now found a new past time — Boxing Promoter. 50, who’s real name is Curtis Jackson, has founded The Money Team promotions, according to SI’s Chris Mannix. The promotions company has already been licensed in New York, and is currently in the process of applying for a license in Nevada, according to Nevada state athletic commissioner Keith Kizer.

According to Mannix, TMT promotions is currently looking into signing former featherweight title holder Yuri Gamboa and super middleweight contender Andre Dirrell, along with working with his close friend Floyd Mayweather,

Well, 50 is getting involved in boxing as far as getting involved with fighters, because he boxed at one particular time in south Side Jamaica, Queens. I had a chance of actually going to his neighborhood, and he was a rough, rough kid, tough. I think he’s going to be involved on the promotion side,” Mayweather said. “We may even put him out there, let him fight on pay-per-view one time. So we don’t really know what the future holds, but he is getting involved with boxing.” — Mayweather, in reference to Curtis Jackson

Whatever the case, I’m sure that, assuming 50 does decide to move forward in the world of boxing, we will all hear of his endeavors. Between his appearances on satellite radio, his ability to make new music generally, and his presence on Twitter…the 50 Cent media machine seemingly never has a problem getting information out to interested parties.


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