Jul 24, 2012

Just when you thought every angle of the Jeremy Lin exodus from New York had been covered, another angle is…ahem…uncovered.

Rick’s Cabaret — a New York City strip club — will host their own farewell party for the former Knicks guard, complete with a “topless toast”. The party, which will be held on July 25th, is open to the public, and fans wearing Knicks merchandise will receive free admission to the festivities.

Apparently, Lin was a pretty popular player during the Linsanity craze, even among the exotic dancer crowd,

“We will miss Jeremy, but we always support the Knicks since basketball players are some of our best tippers and Knicks fans are super cool,” said Kelsey, a tiny dancer with a perfect 10 figure.

Okay, completely over-the-top marketing ploy aside, the fact that a strip club took the time to not only create a farewell party for Jeremy Lin — a devout Christian who I’m doubting has ever gone into Rick’s Cabaret — but create a press release for it, goes to show the impact that Jeremy Lin had not only on the Knicks fan base, but the New York City economy in general. During the height of “Linsanity”, MSG saw their stock price increase nearly 10% over a five day stretch, and MSG network saw a nearly 70% increase in viewership during the former Knicks’ rise. Lets not forget, Jeremy Lin had the most popular jersey in all of the NBA in February and March, and finished with the second most popular jersey for the entire year, only behind Chicago Bulls guard, Derrick Rose.

Lin didn’t even become a starter for the Knicks until February.

That all being said, maybe it isn’t so outlandish that a strip club wants to celebrate Jeremy Lin…if the past 6 months have been any indication, he’s a money-maker.

Oh, and for everyone feeling bad about Rick’s Cabaret losing out on all of that Linsanity revenue after this week’s farewell party? There’s this quote,

“We all loved Jeremy and we were all energized by him when he was playing so well,” said Monica, a buxom 5’6″ blonde who often sported only a mini-sized version of Lin’s famous #17 jersey while giving lap dances at the club. “I’m happy for the girls at our sister Rick’s Cabaret in Houston, because he’ll bring a lot to that city when he plays there.” (via Press Release)

Jeremy Lin. Effecting Houston strip club economies…one day at a time.



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