Jul 2, 2012

SOUL Electronics is continuing to retain prominent athletes and celebrities to endorse their products. The company, which had already retained Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and Grammy award winning rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, has now signed a deal with FC Barcelna/Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

“Fabregas is one of the most talented international footballers in the game, making him the perfect athlete to align with,” commented Len Davi, Executive Director of SOUL Electronics. “Fabregas’ achievements and athleticism make him a great representation of what the SOUL of Greatness campaign stands for. He’s dedicated, focused and driven on attaining goals and striving for excellence.”

Under the endorsement deal, Fabregas will be featured in SOUL’s upcoming “SOUL of Greatness” video series. He will also act as an ambassador for the SOUL brand at various sporting events throughout the year.

“Motivation and hard work are key ingredients for success,” noted Cesc Fabregas. “Listening to music shuts out distractions and helps me stay focused, whether on the field, in the locker room or at home. I am excited to partner with SOUL to help spread the message that anyone can find will and determination from within.” (via Press Release)

A new endorsement deal, a decisive EURO 2012 over Italy, and your team is in the discussion as the greatest team in the history of soccer.

Fabregas is having a very good week.

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