Aug 22, 2012

Millions of people saw Olympic gold medalist in Boston at the New England Patriots game last night. Now, even millions more will see her…on a bottle.

Connecticut-based Nestlé Waters has signed Raisman to become a brand ambassador for its Poland Spring water product.

“Water is an important part of my daily life, and Poland Spring is the 100% natural spring water that I have used as part of my training, recovery and everyday life. As an athlete, it’s important for me to know that I’m fueling my body with quality, natural products,” said Raisman. “I am proud to be supported by a spring water that comes from springs right here in New England. The partnership is a natural as I grew up drinking it – I love its crisp taste, and it has been with me for a lot of hard hours spent in the gym.”

Raisman, who is a native of Massachusetts, should fit in perfectly as a regional sponsor for Poland Spring, as she’s already well-known in the area, and she has certainly built up her cache after her performance in the XXX Olympics. Poland Springs has already activated the partnership, generating nearly 1000 likes of a picture of Raisman in her Poland Springs garb.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Aly back to Boston and to celebrate her accomplishments as a gymnast, an overall athlete, and a role model,” said Seona Skwara, Senior Marketing Manager, Poland Spring Natural Spring Water. “We share Aly’s passion to be the very best and are excited to work with her to inspire New Englanders on their own journey to betterment.”

Raisman has also taken to her own Facebook page, promoting the product,

So excited to be working with Poland Spring Natural Spring Waterthis year. Our partnership was announced today and I have been having so much fun sharing the news with the media. Poland Spring and I are a natural fit…it’s my favorite!

For more information on Poland Springs and their partnership with Raisman, you can either check their Facebook page, or the Poland Springs website.

(via Nestlé Waters North America)




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