Aug 31, 2012

Want to increase your merchandise sales? Win more games.

That is the adage that is working for the Cincinnati Reds, the team that currently sports the best record in baseball.

The Reds have seen their merchandise sales increase by more than 4% in the last four weeks, when compared to the same last four week period a year ago, according to Matt Powell, an analyst at sporting goods research firm SportsOneSource.

“Performance drives sales,” Powell said.

What makes the Reds sales increase even more impressive is that it not only shows that Cincinnati fans will support a winning team, but they’re supporting a winning team when MLB merchandise sales are down more than 25% across the board.  Impressive performances by large market teams heavily factor into merchandise sales, and the disappointing seasons of the New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies (to name a few) have done nothing to convince fans to spend their disposable income on MLB merchandise.

The Reds gains in sales have moved them to 8th place on the sales list among MLB’s 30 teams over the last month.  During the same time last year, they were ranked 13th.

(via Cincy Biz Blog)




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