Aug 23, 2012

Maybe you can’t play tennis like Novak Djokovic, but you can at least look like him.

Brand apparel company UNIQLO has announced plans to launch a line of tennis apparel and performance wear that resembles the line of apparel specifically created for Djokovic. Djokovic has been a UNIQLO global brand ambassador since May. The “Novak Djokovic replica tennis line” will launch in the United States on August 27th. UNIQLO CEO Shin Odake on the deal,

“We are very excited about introducing the Novak Djokovic replica tennis line first in the U.S., and to coincide our launch with the start of the U.S. Open. We hope the new line will be popular with our customers and tennis fans alike.”

The initial launch of the line will include a total of 10 items for adults, including warm up jackets, pants, shirts, shorts and other accessories. The line will be nearly identical with the clothing Djokovic will wear during the U.S. Open Tournament, which coincidentally begins on August 27th as well.

“I am very impressed with the UNIQLO design philosophy,” said Novak Djokovic. “Over a series of regular face to face meetings, which take place in-between tournaments, we discuss a number of details regarding overall design, types of fabrics and materials, and even colors.” He added, “The UNIQLO creative team, led by Takizawa-san, understands the importance of achieving the right balance of these elements so that my performance wear can support my movement on the court and give me an extra boost of confidence when aiming for my points.”

Not surprisingly, with the U.S. Open tie-in being very apparent, the line will initially go on sale at the UNIQLO 5th Avenue Store, 34th Street Store, and Soho Store in New York City, before branching out across the country.

Djokovic had previously been sponsored by Sergio Tacchini, but he left the company in May when they were unable to manufacture enough clothing to put his line in stores.

(via UNIQLO)


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