Sep 12, 2012

Famous rapper Ice Cube performed his new Raiders anthem “Come and Get Some” as the Raiders opened the season with a home loss to the Chargers. The self-proclaimed President of Raider Nation recorded and performed this as part of a Pepsi NFL anthem project.  ESPN writer Lynn Hoppes found Ice Cube’s passion for the sport in his own failure to fulfill his dream and play in the league.  Ice Cube even called NFL players his “heroes”, and was ecstatic when receiving the opportunity to meet Raider legend Tim Brown. Ice Cube is not, however, lost in a fantasy of a perfect season, and even recognizes the current team’s shortcomings. In an interview with ESPN, Ice Cube made the following  remark about his expectations:  “”We got to 8-8 last year. I’m hoping for 9-7 this year. Maybe 10-6. OK, that’s a dream. Now 9-7 is doable.”

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