Nov 19, 2012

Domain names. If you are a company either doing business on the internet, or looking to strengthen your brand via the internet, they are quite a big deal. That’s what makes the domain name of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets — while not the most popular sports team in the planet, certainly one that is known to the casual sports fan — so interesting.

Like every other NBA team, the Nets actual website is a subdomain on ( The NBA wants to house all of its teams websites under the NBA banner, rather than on individual sites, hence the subdomains. Now, if you don’t spend your every waking moment on an NBA team site, you may not remember that your favorite team’s URL is “”. You may only remember “” or “”. No problem, both of those URL’s will forward you to those team’s respective sites. It directs you to the site of New York’s other basketball team, the New York Knicks.

The domain is currently owned by Cyber Mesa, a telecommunications company based out of New Mexico. While it was previously believed that the site may have been purchased by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, it seems with the current homage to New York’s other basketball team, that Cuban may not be the culprit. Or maybe, as The Brooklyn Game points out, it could possibly be a cleverly contrived Cuban conspiracy. Or maybe, as noted by Deadspin, Cyber Mesa is simply trying its best to get the Nets to purchase the domain name? The website previously seemed to point to a prostitution scandal that involved Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov back in 2007).

Or maybe the site is now being run by someone who is a seriously big fan of the Knicks?

While there are multiple other domain names that the NBA has yet to scoop up — is own by card-game maker Wizards of the Coast, for example — no other domain name seems to have been so troublesome…or interesting. With so many common team names, this domain name issue is not just relegated to basketball; Major League Baseball was looking to purchase the “” domain name back in September of this year.

Apparently, things did not go as smoothly as planned, as the domain still features the Rockies (mountain range) tourism authority.

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