Jan 25, 2013

Although Tony Gonzalez may have started the countdown towards his Hall of Fame acceptance speech last weekend, he’s far from becoming a couch potato.

FitStar Labs, Inc., a San Francisco based company that promotes health through technology, has partnered with Gonzalez to create a video-based fitness app called FitStar: Tony Gonzalez. In the iPad app, which can also work through a connected television, Gonzalez serves as a personal trainer to the user, walking them through various fitness programs with tracked goals and accomplishments.

“To have Tony on board as our first FitStar trainer with his unparalleled experience and knowledge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle integrated into the FitStar app is huge,” said Mike Maser, CEO, FitStar. “An NFL legend and overall health and fitness guru, Tony has deep expertise in training regimens, nutrition, and all-around fitness techniques, all of which he brings to our platform.”

The app, FitStar’s first product, has the ability to adapt to the fitness levels of a particular user, based on their own thoughts, goals, and lifestyles. FitStar has designed the app so that users can share achievements with friends, with an eye on also leaving the app open enough to add various components in future iterations. The app will be free within the app store, with users paying for additional “premium” content. The belief being that the portability of the iPad and the relative low-cost (compared to an exercise DVD) will still make the premium content worth while for users. Gonzalez was very excited about the prospect of being able to help users reach their fitness goals…all through an app,

“I’m extremely proud to be working with such an awesome group of folks who are passionate about improving the health of individuals with engaging and entertaining apps,” said Tony Gonzalez. “FitStar truly is a dynamic, immersive and inspirational way to help people reach their health and fitness goals. I’m really excited about the promise FitStar: Tony Gonzalez holds in making a positive impact on the wellness of the country as a whole.”

For those looking to reach their fitness goals with Tony Gonzalez, the app will be available later this Spring.

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