Feb 11, 2013

California Senator Roderick Wright’s newest bill could be called an old dog with some new tricks. The Senator has once again introduced a bill, Senate Bill 190, which seeks to legalize sports betting in the state of California.

Wright had passed a similar bill last year, which failed.

While California does allow for legalized gambling at horse-racing tracks, and licensed casinos, sports betting is currently prohibited in any form. Wright’s bill looks to legalize sports betting at those venues for which legalized gambling is already allowed,

This bill would authorize the owner or operator of a gambling establishment, or the owner or operator of a horse racing track, including a horse racing association, or of a satellite wagering facility, with a current license, to conduct wagering on professional and collegiate sports or athletic events, other than on collegiate sports or athletic events that take place in California or in which any California college team participates, by applying to the California Gambling Control Commission or the California Horse Racing Board, as specified, for authorization to conduct sports wagering, and by paying an annual fee for deposit in the Gambling Addiction Program Fund. The bill would require each licensed entity to remit to the treasurer on a monthly basis for deposit in the general fund, an amount equal to 7.5% of its gross revenues. The bill would require the commission, the board, and the department to adopt regulations to implement these provisions, including authority to adopt regulations establishing fees in a reasonable amount to recover costs incurred performing their duties pursuant to these provisions.

As noted, Wright’s newest bill would limit sports gambling to events not taking place in the state of California, or featuring any California college team and would require each licensed entity to pay a 7.5% fee on gross revenues, each month.

As also stated in the bill, which can be found in its entirety, here, wagers will not be accepted from anyone under the age of 21 and all bets would require the bettor to place the bet in person, and using cash.

The future for sports betting in California will have its first test when the Senate votes on the bill, sometime after March 10th. Sports betting is currently legal in four states; Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana

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