Nov 24, 2010

This week the IAAF announced that the China’s capital would host their World Athletics Championships.  London withdrew its bid earlier in the month, citing future plans for the 2012 Olympics stadium is still to be determined.  Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” has been fairly inactive since the 2008 Olympic Games.  The 90,000 seat stadium costs owners $10 million annually just to operate.

Lack of events and revenue generating ideas have dwindled since away along with the Olympic fever held by the city.  The number of paying visitors to the venue has dropped from a peak of 50,000 daily following the games to less than a thousand recently.

In 2009 the venue hosted an opera, two concerts (including one by Jackie Chan) an Italian soccer match and motorsport’s Race of Champions.  The 2010 calendar has seen event less activity.

Of all newly constructed venues for the 2008 Olympic Games only the Beijing National Aquatic Center or “Water Cube” has witnessed financial success.  In helping reach its revenue potential and to secure the Olympic Green area’s legacy, half of the venue was turned into a water park named “Happy Magic Water Cube Water Park”.  At least that is the direct English translation.  Thirty dollars pays your admission and three gets you a locker rental for the day.  While the water park pays the majority of the bills the other side of the Water Cube continues to promote athletics by hosting a number of competitions during the year.

The NEW Happy Magic Water Cube Water Park.

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