May 23, 2012

Mainly known for its popularity around the world and different cultures, soccer has been the primary sport that Hispanic watch.  However with growing populations of a younger generation Spanish speakers have migrated to Basketball, Football, and even Nascar.

The number of Hispanic sport viewers is on the rise as a recent poll suggests that 73,000 Spanish speakers watched the Daytona 500, a 50% increase from 20011.  492,000 Hispanics tuned in to view the NFL draft in April, which was almost a 100% increase since 2008.

A recent sports report shows that 6.9 million Hispanics viewed most if not all of March Madness this year.  The average age was 39, which was significantly lower than African Americans at 44 and 48 years of age for whites.

These Sports welcome new comers and are more than excited to have a new rising crowd. With an increase in Hispanic players and viewers ticket sales are at an all time high.  The NBA has even started airing certain commercials that are directed toward Hispanic Culture.

It really doesn’t matter what color your skin is, or what language you speak… sports are sports, and as human beings we love entertainment and the desire to win.  It is encouraging to see so many different cultures coming together to enjoy a common love.

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