Aug 20, 2012

It looks like Tyson Chandler decided to cap off his NBA off-season with a gold medal…and an endorsement deal.

Fuse Science, Inc., a consumer products company that has focuses on getting essential nutrients and vitamins during, before, and after physical activity, has signed the Knicks Center and recent gold medalist to an endorsement deal.

Chandler joins an ever growing FuseScience roster that includes PGA star Tiger Woods, Red Sox star David Ortiz, and Toronto Blue Jays star Jose Bautista.  Chandler, is apparently all ready using FuseScience products in conjunction with his workouts, and looks forward to what the company has to offer in the future,

“I am a driven and dedicated competitor who leaves everything on the court,” said Chandler. “We play on the highest level almost every day and I need all-natural products, which can help me perform at my best.  EnerJel™ makes a real difference and is helping me before and after every game now.  The upcoming launch of PowerFuse™ and ElectroFuse™ drops is going to be game-changing for everybody.  During a grueling 82 game season and year-round training, I need the instant and sustained energy of PowerFuse™ and the target levels of electrolytes in my system that ElectroFuse™ uniquely delivers.  Being Powered By Fuse™ is the real deal and I’m better because of it.”

Fuse is not only looking to expand their product line, with the afore mentioned ElectroFuse drops (drops placed under the tongue that directly enter the bloodstream, providing energy) but they’ve also recently signed a distribution deal with GNC; so their activation of this partnership with Chandler (and the other Fuse endorsers) should be increasingly effective in the future.

(via FuseScience)

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