Sep 17, 2012

Its better than a gold watch…right?

Chipper Jones is in the midst of his final illustrious Major League Baseball career. As he and the Braves make their last appearance in various cities, the fans and the opposing teams are recognizing Chipper’s play and his decorated career. He received a Green Monster plaque from the Red Sox. A surfboard from the Padres.

But…no one does things quite like the Milwaukee Brewers.

Before a game last week, the Brewers OF Ryan Braun and former Brewer Craig Counsell presented Jones with a useful retirement gift; a cookout kit. Included in the kit were what I assume were all of the cookout kit ‘fixins. Tongs. Charcoal. Weber even provided a gas grill for the event. And of course, what cookout would be complete without a year supply of sausage?

A year’s supply of sausage. Seriously.

Long time Brewers sponsor Klement’s Sausage Company provided Jones with the meat necessary for his year long barbecue. Klement’s is best known among Brewers fans for providing the Sausage Race — a race of costumed sausages — that occur throughout the season at Miller Park. Its a great tie-in for Klement’s, as it generated more positive publicity, and maybe even garnered the company a few fans outside of the Milwaukee area.

And you never know how many people may end up at Chipper Jones’ house for a cookout. Video of the Brewers presentation to Chipper is below,

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