Dec 5, 2012

SodaStream International Ltd. is joining the ranks of GoDaddy, Doritos and the like…the company has announced that they will begin their 2013 ad campaign during Super Bowl XLVII. SodaStream is a system that carbonates regular water and allows consumers to add different flavors to make their own soda at home. The company is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of home soda maker systems and is available in 45 countries. As for their Super Bowl commercial? SodaStream is looking to highlight their company’s sustainability to the Super Bowl viewing public,

“Our new commercial highlights the revolutionary benefits of our technology, confronting the conventional and arguably outdated beverage industry by showing people that there is a smarter way to enjoy soda,” stated Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream. “The massive reach of this campaign will help spread this message, beginning with over 100 million viewers on Super Bowl Sunday, and will include follow-up commercials and other integrated marketing activities. Our commitment to invest in the Super Bowl is in line with our broader efforts to significantly increase our market penetration in the US and globally.”

SodaStream’s Super Bowl commercial will feature a new take on their existing “The SodaStream Effect” campaign; with the original ad currently being available on the company’s YouTube channel. The campaign and the updated Super Bowl commercial will be developed in part by Alex Bogusky and Rob Schuham of the UK-based COMMON agency. The commercial is scheduled to air during the fourth quarter of the game, when SodaStream is hoping that Super Bowl viewers will recognize the growing number of soda bottles in their viewing area,

“Last year alone, American consumers used over 180 billion soft drink packages, recycling only 29% of plastic bottles according to EPA research,” said Gerard Meyer, President of SodaStream USA. “We expect the ad will inspire a life-changing moment for consumers, making them realize they have the power to enjoy their bubbles, exactly how they want it, without the hassle of carrying, storing and disposing all of those bottles and cans ever again.”

If history is any indication, SodaStream’s message will at the very least be received by a huge audience; according to Nielsen, Super Bowl XLVI was the most watched television program in US history, with over 111 million viewers.

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